Sébastien Guillen's Artist Statement

Guided by Charles Baudelaire's poignant words, "you gave me your mud and I made it into gold," I revel in the notion that even the seemingly unappealing can serve as a conduit to unveil exquisite beauty. The ordinary, the mundane, the unnoticed, and even the repulsive possess the potential for transformation, ascending to the realm of the sublime. This is the artistic path I diligently carve.

To accomplish this, I situate transparency at the epicenter of my artistic endeavors, serving as both a conceptual framework and a technical cornerstone. It affords me the ability to beckon viewers into a realm that transcends mere superficialities, where concealed dimensions and subtle intricacies come to vibrant life. As I delve into the interplay between translucency, perception, and truth, my work challenges conventional paradigms, laying bare an invisible beauty.

My creations encourage spectators to reassess their perceptions of beauty by embracing unconventional materials and techniques (plexiglass, epoxy resin, digital photography, collage, etc.), as well as employing classical or alternative methods (cyanotype, anthotype, polaroid, photography, ink, etc.), and occasionally, a fusion of multiple approaches. The objective, however, remains constant: to exalt the hidden, inherently imminent beauty that surrounds us.

Through the juxtaposition of unexpected elements and the fusion of diverse mediums, I craft visual narratives with the aspiration of eliciting contemplation. My intention is to prompt viewers to peer beyond superficial appearances, to interrogate their individual aesthetic preconceptions, and to contemplate their own existential condition.