Sébastien Guillen's Exploration of Transparency

Transcending Pellucidity and Revealing Beauty in the Ugliness

In my artistic practice, I delve into the profound interplay between transparency, the contrasting realms of the phenomenal and noumenal worlds, and the transformative power of revealing beauty from apparent ugliness. Guided by Charles Baudelaire's evocative quote, "you gave me your mud and I made it into gold," I celebrate the idea that even the most seemingly unappealing can serve as a medium for unveiling exquisite beauty.

Transparency lies at the core of my creative journey, both as a conceptual framework and as a technical element. It enables me to invite viewers into a world that transcends surface appearances, where hidden dimensions and subtle intricacies come to life. By exploring the relationship between pellucidity, perception and truth, my work challenges conventional notions and discloses unseen beauty.

Central to my artistic exploration is the contrast between the phenomenal and noumenal worlds. The phenomenal world represents the tangible reality, the realm of observable phenomena that we encounter through our senses. In contrast, the noumenal world encompasses the underlying truth and essence that exist beyond immediate perception. I am captivated by the tension between these two realms and seek to navigate their boundaries through my artistic expressions.

My work invites viewers to reconsider their perception of beauty by embracing unconventional materials and techniques, including plexiglass, epoxy resin, digital photography, collage, and a fusion of old and new technologies that engage with the human form, celebrating its beauty, vulnerabilities, and complexities. Through the interplay of transparency, light, and texture, I aim to challenge preconceived notions and showcase the extraordinary within the seemingly ordinary and mundane. By juxtaposing unexpected elements and merging diverse mediums, I create visual narratives that provoke contemplation and invite viewers to see beyond the surface of ugliness. By immersing themselves in my visual narratives, they are encouraged to question their own notions of aesthetics, embracing the profound potential hidden within the surface.