I was born in Lyon, France, on December 13th 1971.

After mastering the organ and the piano, I turned to composing and improvisation. While pursuing my philosophy studies, I continued to write music and won a composition award for L'Aventure est à celui qui songe (Adventure belongs to he who dreams), an electronic, minimalist interpretation of Japanese chants.

In 2007, I collaborated with the artist Judith Lesur for her two films Apis Malefica and La fille perchée, and never stopped working with her since then.

That same year, I published my first album Short Agonies, 18 violin solo pieces played by Spanish violinist Patricio Díaz-Canas. The American artist Flint Butera, agreed to illustrate each track with a collage, featured in the linear notes.

My collaboration with Judith Lesur led me to write an original score for Vous avez dit Curieux ? (You said curious?) a video montage featured in the Givors museum, and the music for the play Brouhaha & Sinistra.

I currently reside in Brooklyn, NY, and Milford, PA, and am constantly working on new musical or visual projects with artists, singers, choreographers and directors.

My new opus, Scandals, 69 electronic and acoustic pieces, has just been released.